How to I purchase the SIM cards?

Please click “purchase” in the top menu and place an order online.  You will receive the SIM card with a full instruction in the package.

How do I activate my sim card?

We will activate the SIM for you.  When you received the SIM card, please visit our activation website and fill in required information.  We will activate your SIM card before your arrival.  Simply turn on your phone then upon arrival and connect to the network, just as you were in your home country.  We recommend you filling the form as early as possible and at least 48hr before arrival, as activation procedures may take 1-3 days to complete.

Will I have a US phone number to make and receive calls?

Yes. All of our USA SIM cards come with a domestic USA phone number. You may make calls just as a local.

How soon will I have my US phone number?

We will email you your US phone number 24 hours your activation date (USA Pacific standard time). If you must know your phone number earlier than that, you may fill in an earlier activation date. However, this will also make your phone service start earlier before arrival, same date as the arrival date you filled in. Please select a date carefully to fit your needs.

My itinerary changed. May I change my activation date?

Please submit a request to us about your new activation date. Please understand that we can only accept changes 72 hour before the original activation date (00:00 USA Pacific standard time.).

How do I know if my phone will work?

Please first make sure that your phone is an unlocked phone. After that, please check if your phone support the wireless carrier’s frequencies. (more details here) For Apple phones, iPhone 6 and newer will work fine globally as long as it’s unlocked.

Do I need to do anything on my phone’s configuration?

Usually not.  Most phones will automatically configure itself upon first connection to a local network. In the rare case it doesn’t, please refer to the instruction for manually configure your phone.